About Transforming Presence

Transforming Presence is a big vision to ‘transform and be transformed’ - transforming the Church for the transformation of the world.

There are four priorities in Transforming Presence.


As a diocese we all have a part to play in God’s transforming mission of love to the world.

Each community in East London and Essex has an Anglican church. Each church is being transformed by receiving the good news of Christ and living it out. The same good news is transforming each community.

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To help make it happen we brought out a booklet called Transforming Presence about four strategic priorities involving all our teams and we trained nearly 5,700 people at 19 training events.

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Support has come from a conference of a thousand people in 2012, our synod (or church regional parliament), our three area bishops and seven archdeacons, our 24 area deans and lay chairs and the organisers of an estimated 327 mission events in our centenary year 2014.

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A surge of activity has taken place since Transforming Presence was launched in 2012. See Priorities & Progress. Many more people built on this progress at a Conference in spring 2015.


Read about the work in progress.