School For Disciples 2017

Bishop Stephen opens door to School for Disciples

- An article by Bishop Stephen first published in The Month, January 2017

Why do you go to church?

We would all express it in different ways, but I think most of us would answer by saying that we go to worship God, to be part of his community, the Church, and to be put in touch with some big realities about ourselves and the world.

But what if we also thought that coming to church meant learning to be a follower of Jesus, learning how to be his representatives in the world?

And what if we gave this greater focus?

How might it change us and how might it change the world around us?

How might the church be transformed?

The Lambeth Conference of 1998, that ten yearly gathering of the bishops of the Anglican Communion, said that “unless Christians are encouraged to ‘go to school’ with Christ, to be nourished by his teaching and sacraments, and to grow into his likeness (Ephesians 4 vv11-16) they cannot bear the fruits of discipleship.”

So this is why we want every church in Chelmsford Diocese to be a school for disciples.

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You will find the resources from Bishop Stephen’s School for Disciples roadshows in the Resources & Downloads section.

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